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Fox's Den Homestead

Where the heck is Fox's Den?

100 miles south of KC and 45 north of Joplin
About 11 miles south of Nevada as the crow flies

Fox' Den is located 13 miles south of Nevada (pronounced Ne-VAY-da) which has a population of 8,597 and is the county seat of Vernon County (population 19,040).  Nevada is at the junction of highways US54 and US71.

The average temperature in January is 33 degrees and the average temperature in July is 80 degrees.  Average annual rainfall is 40.5 inches and average annual snowfall is 13 inches. But, it's getting warmer all the time.

Nevada is the home of Cottey College, a two year private, and liberal arts college for women as well as Crowder Community College.  Within commuting distance are Pittsburg (Kansas) State University and Missouri Southern State College in Joplin.

Vernon County has a unique school system with each small town operating their own High School and Elementary school.  The classroom sizes are small and quality of education is high. This arrangement also makes for some great basketball rivalry!

Nevada Regional Medical Center serves the area with a fully equipped hospital, which is in the process of a multi million-dollar expansion.

George Lyons Stadium is host to the Girffons Baseball team.  There are two golf courses in Nevada, Frank Peters Municipal Golf Course and the Nevada Country Club.

Twelve miles to the south of Fox's Den is Lamar, which is the county seat of Barton County.  Lamar is the birthplace of Harry Truman.  Lamar has numerous industries and a public telescope that is open to the public several evenings a week.

For more information on the cities of Nevada and Lamar, click these links for their official web pages.

About halfway between Bronaugh and Sheldon
Right there on the purple square

Smilin' Buck is our greeter.
Our other dog is mean, though.

Over the river...
And through the woods....