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Interior Views

Fox's Den Homestead

Contemporary Galley Kitchen, but no boat.

The tile counter tops offer ample work space and the cabinets provide abundant storage. The kitchen is open to, and included in,  the 600 square foot living/dining area.

This open layout keeps the cook in view of the rest of the household and the natural light makes the kitchen a cheery and bright area. The kitchen comes equipped with a dishwasher, garbage disposer, outside vented range hood and double porcelain sink with spray hose and single lever Delta faucet.


The cat stakes out her place in front of a sunny window.  Plants grow lush and wild with the sun from the south windows. All of our garden plants, such as tomatoes, broccoli and peppers are grown from seed.  Early spring finds the windows full of trays and seedlings.

The fully tiled bath is easy to clean and maintain.  The pass thru design of the sliding pocket doors make it accessible from both bedrooms. A large linen closet is concealed behind mirrored bifold doors. The large shower has plenty of water pressure to hose off even the dirtiest gardner.