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Sky Gods and Plumed Water Serpents
Coming To Light


A modern rendition of ancient Persia, the Zoroastrian symbol "The Fravashi of Light" is dipicted above along with an ancient rendition of one of the Farohars (Guardian Angels) from which it derived. "They manifest the energy of God, and preserve order in the creation. They are said to fly like winged birds, and are represented by a winged disk...."


The above scenes portray Amun Ra, as a KaBird descending and landing on the prone body of Osiris. Notice how similar Amun Ra is to the Fravishi. "Amun Ra, the august Ba of Osiris, is coming to rest his body in the enclosure of his waters."

This is a translation of the caption above the ba bird in the actual bas relief from the Opet Temple at Karnak.



Several images of the Plumed Water Serpent

Above are several representations of the Plumed Serpent from Aztec Mythology.  Quetzalcoatl is a word from the Nehuatl language compounded from quetzal, a Mesoamerican bird with long plumage and coatl is a serpent with the suffix atl meaning water. Some will take issue with Tonatiuh of the Aztec Calendar disk being an aspect of the Plumed Serpent. But one just needs to compare the features. To the lower right is another aspect of Tonatiuh, or Nahui Ollin as also known, meaning 4-Movement. The symbols represent the movement or increase of days in the year. That is the movement from 360 days to 364 days and the causes were Jaguar, Wind, Rain and Water, or aspects of the Plumed Serpent also known as Quetzalcoat by the Aztecs and Seven Macaws, by the Quiche Maya.   

Eagle Headress and Eagle Dancer Kachina

Native American Tribes had there own representations of Sky gods or Angels, in the form of the Eagle theatre.

Sky god with flying deer.

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