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Coming To Light

The Origins of Myth and Mystery

Myths and legends throughout the world describe a time of fiery cataclysm, a great flood and a visit to our planet by a Creator at the beginning of this age. Did you ever wonder if the basis for most religious revelation and the stories which are told might have derived from a real event? This web site is dedicated to the discovery of just that question.

The photo to the right comes from the Hopi tribe of the Southwest. The tapestry depicts an ancient sky event, which caused a fire on the earth. This is part of the ceremony that remembers "The Water Serpents", which are the snake-like appendages projecting from the background of the sky. What natural phenomena could the ceremony of this ancient American People be remembering?  


Since July 10, 2003

Hopi Water Serpent Ceremonial Tapestry

Hopi Water Serpent Ceremonial Tapestry

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