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The Impact of Impact
Coming To Light

Let's review what we have discovered so far.

The ancient legends and mythologies tell us of Sky Gods, Angels and Plumed Water Serpent Creators that descended on the Earth, or fell to Earth in times past. We can connect the Greek word coma with hair and with comets and connect long flowing hair to the birth of Noah, as described in the Book of Enoch. It is in the nature of comets to light up the house of the sky.

Astronomical science today tells us that comets break apart in their orbits around the Sun, into many solid nuclei and sparse comas and that comets generally are composed of water ice as well as minerals. The water ice in comets has been spectrographically analyzed as nearly identical with seawater of Earth. 

Part of the Central American continent that extends east from Nicaragua, now appears submerged under the sea in the area of the Caribbean and is deformed and stretched by what looks to be a cratered groove from a tangential cosmic impact. We discovered another cratered groove that severed the continent of South America from Antarctica. Since the erosion and direction of both cratered grooves are similar we can assume they are coincidental in time.

The volcanic arcs that comprise the end of the cratered grooves show a great deal of volcanic and seismic activity. The same type of volcanism and seismic activity occurs at various locations along the coasts of Central and South America. The impact therefore must have occurred over a broad area of the planet, both oceanic and continental. The comet density varied considerably between the most and least dense. From recent astronomical photos, this density variaton appears to be the nature of comets.

Futher Implications

We also know there are many legends of a global flood from many different cultural and ethnic populations around the world. A sampling can be found at this site .

Digital Elevation Models show substantial evidence of a global flood and documents the shorelines when mean Sea Level was 110 meters below the present level. Detailed graphical images of global sea level in the recent past when sea level was 110 meters lower than today
are available at this site:

The abrupt rise in sea level is conventionally explained to be caused by glaciers and ice caps melting at the end of the "cold" previous Pleistocene geological era. During the "warm" present Holocene geological era sea level is higher because of what, can only be considered a fairly localized, glacial ice melt. There are certain aspects of this explanation that just dont make sense. One is that glaciers and ice caps have expanded (accumulated layers and volume) since the "warm" Holocene began and are just starting to retreat (melt) within the last hundred years. While the glacial ice cap over Greenland is thought to have remained intact through both Pleistocene and Holocene, the glacial ice cap, right next door in Northern Canada melted in the "cold" Pleistocene. Mammoths and Mastodons roamed and flourished in the "cold" Pleistocene on lands covered by glaciers and ice, but today are found incased and frozen in permafrost during the "warm" Holocene. The conventional explanations offer no reason why the ice melted, but only point to glacial till soils and end moraines as the evidence to claim there was over a mile of ice covering a great deal of the land surface of North America. But it is a tautology. Till soils can be formed in permafrost situations and end moraines and till can form around and under great shallow frozen lakes. The only reason to assume a thickness of over a mile for the frozen ice cap over North America is because of the increased level of the sea!

The evidence is clear. Sea Level rose 110 meters. The question to be asked is, Where did the water come from to raise Sea Level by 110 meters if not from glacial ice caps?

We now know comets contain a great deal of water ice, and it is essentially the same as the water in the sea by spectrographic analysis. We should know that water ice from a comet passing through our atmosphere and impacting our oceans and land would vaporize from friction, and eventually condense to fall as rain, if the velocity of the comet were such that the atmosphere wasnt totally blown off the planet and since we still have an atmosphere, we know that it wasnt. But it provides a hint for the actual relative velocity of the impact and given 110 meters of sea level rise we may begin to calculate the massive size of the comet that sideswiped the planet. That the sea level event occurred in the recent past is without question, and since it is unlikely there were even glaciers in the previous age, not to mention enough to raise sea level an appreciable manner we must consider an alternate explanation. We can already deduce that there was a comet composed of a great deal of water that impacted over an area from Central Mexico to the tip of South America, or over more than one quarter the circumference of the globe. Could it be that this Comet provided the water to raise mean Sea Level by 110meters? I believe the answer is yes.

We can calculate the mass of water required to raise mean Sea Level 110 meters and it is approximately 4 times 10^19 kg with a liquid volume of 4 times 10^16 cubic meters since 1 cubic meter of water contains 1000 kg. We can let the comet be a sphere and assume half of it impacted through the atmosphere and into the Pacific Ocean, with denser and larger nuclei impacting the coast of South and Central America creating the great grooved craters we see there. The other half of the comet would have continued on in its heliocentric orbit, having sheared its legs off, so to speak. From Drakes Passage to the grooved crater in the Caribbean would require the sphere to be equal to about half the diameter of Earth. If half of it were to contain water mass equivalent to a mean Sea Level rise of 110 meters, then the mean density of the comet would calculate to less than .58 kg per cubic meter. This is less than half the density of Earth's atmosphere in the first 1000 meters above sea level by comparison.

The relative velocity of impact would have to be less than double escape velocity for the mass to be retained. While comets can move through perihelion with considerable speed, they begin to slow down rapidly as they move away from the sun. The Earths orbital velocity is about 30 km/sec. A Comet with orbital perihelion in the range of 1 AU typically reaches about 43.5 km/sec. These velocities would produce a relative inelastic collision of gases at 13.5 km/sec in a non-retrograde collision, and would produce plenty of heat to sublimate ice to vapor and erode, melt and vaporize minerals. There would be more than enough energy to create and melt the basins of the grooved craters that are visible. The velocity of any of the mass in collision would fall below escape velocity and be retained by the Earth. However, the mass as water vapor impacting only the atmosphere, would
become orbital but would soon fall to earth as rain or ice and would fall from a continually decaying orbit about the planet. It would be like a canopy of ice. The vapors and aerosols in the atmosphere would darken the Planet for a long time and precipitate an ice age.

The energy of collision of the dense nuclei tangential and near the equator would be more than energetic enough to increase the rotation rate of the Earth. This would make more days in a year and cause the momentum of the oceans to back up and then overflow their basins in catastrophic floods over entire continents. The impact at the southern pole would disrupt the gyroscopic stability of the Earth and likely change the angle of the rotational axis. Massive amounts of pulverized rock in the form of sand, would have been thrown into the atmosphere. From the Caribbean impact the amount of pulverized sandy ejecta would have buried Northern Africa.

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